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China5e Research Center is an independent third-party research institution, providing high-end industry reports and customized services for our clients. Relying on extensive energy information accumulated in the past years, China5e Research Center adheres to objective and rigorous work attitude, integrates data and resources from government, industry, enterprises to provide our clients with in-depth reports from macroeconomic policy, market and investment analysis to technology and equipment condition surveys and other aspects of content.

Ongoing projects in 2011 :
Research on China's Shale gas development model
Client: Oil & Gas Department of National Energy Administration
Partners: the State Council Development Research Center

Past Experiences
1. Policy and Strategic Studies.
· Captive Power Plant Survey And Policy Research.
· Promoting the Development of New Energy Industries – PV, Wind, Energy Storage.
· Energy Storage Technology – Regulatory And Policy Research.
· Large-Scale Wind Power – Obstacles To Development.
· Promoting the Development of China’s Natural Gas Industry – Operational And Legislative Policy Proposals.
· Natural Gas And Distributed Energy Market And Policy Research.
· 11th Five Year Plan Energy Strategy And Policy – Planning for Qingdao
2. Industry and market research.
· Survey on China's LNG Price Condition.
· Research on China's Bio-Ethanol Market.
· Research on the Investment Environment for Energy-Saving Retrofitting in Energy-Intensive Industries.
· Research on "Promoting Industrial Restructuring and Implement Emission Reduction Targets" in Wu'an, Hebei Province.
· Research on Sustainable Development and Conservation Science and Technology Needs in Beijing's Energy Industry during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period.
· Study of Distributed Energy development progress in China.
· Research on Beijing's Distributed Power and Grid Integration.
· Building Types for Natural Gas-fired CCHP System Applied Research and Demonstration Project.
· Analysis of the market potential for Micro Cogeneration Technology in China (guided by the National Development and Reform Commission)
3. Comprehensive study.
· China's Large-Scale Wind Farm Construction - Investment Opportunities and Risks.
· Research on the Sustainable Development of China's PV Industry.
· Research on Development and Trends in Distributed Energy in China.
· Investment Strategy Research in The Twelfth Five-Year Plan.
· Research on China’s Macroeconomic Environment.
· Mid-Term Evaluation of China’s Energy Savings during The Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period
4. Project investment, financing and project development.
· Promotion of High-Efficiency Gas Technologies in Beijing.
· Hebei Xinfeng Dry Process Cement Production Lines And Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Heat of Power Plant Recycling Economy Demonstration Projects.
· Huangdao LPG Large-Scale Underground Storage Project.
· Capital Blue Sky Thermal Energy Systems Engineering.
· Zhejiang Province Wenzhou Electric Power Project Financing.
· Tangshan West Suburb Thermal Power Plant Project Financing
5. Technical support and consulting Services.
· Construction and Operation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Bank Association website.
· Beijing South Railway Station Gas CCHP Technology Consulting Project.
· Gas-fired CCHP Systems Research.
· Beijing Gas Group Production Command and Control Center CCHP Project Planning.
· Zhejiang Grid End-User Electricity Price and Short-Term Load Forecast (World Bank financed)

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