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China Energy Net (www.China5e.com) was set up in 2000 and is an internet and information technology-based content provider focused on the energy sector. We were China's first energy website and, through our prompt and precise market information, in-depth analysis reports, highly-efficient market promotions and consulting services, we are able to achieve our goal of providing successful business development and marketing opportunities to our clients operating in the energy sector. China Energy Net aims to contribute to the sustainable development of China's economy, energy resources and environment.

China Energy Net operates according to a clear business philosophy in its dealings with all its clients. We have adopted a positive development model of always being highly conscientious, innovative and effective. Our clients extend across over 40 countries and come from a wide range of sectors, including government institutions, regulatory agencies, industry associations, international corporations, energy companies, equipment suppliers, investment and securities firms, as well as energy and economic research organisations. Our specialist information covers many related-industries including coal, electricity, oil & gas, hydropower, nuclear power, renewable energy and clean technologies, as well as covering areas such as energy efficiency, conservation and protection. We provide policy and regulation information, news reports, market analysis, trending topics, specialist reports, academic papers, output data and import-export statistics along with other products. Through continuously improving the quality and scope of our services, we have become China's most visited and influential energy website.

China Energy Net continuously strives to promote new technologies, products and concepts in the energy sector. Over the past few years we have hosted dozens of energy technology and product promotion workshops, strategy and development talks, energy market analysis seminars, and investment forums. We were a pioneer of the introduction of 'distributed energy' (DE) into China, successfully hosting several decentralised energy conferences and thereby greatly aiding its development in China. In addition, we host an annual Chinese Energy Investment forum, providing an effective communication platform for governments, energy companies and financial institutions and promoting the healthy development of energy investment in China.

In addition to ensuring that we provide our clients with the highest quality information as well as research and consultation reports, we at China Energy Net also strive to offer our clients more extensive, value-added services. To this end, we operate China Energy Research Net (CENRC) made up of a large committee of specialist consultants. Our consultants are experts in the energy sector, consisting of former government officials, industry specialists and renowned academics. The extensive industry knowledge of our China Energy Research Net specialists, represents our over ten years of experience in energy project development, investment finance and market consultation. We are continuously improving the quality of our products and advisory services. We help companies carefully analyse the energy market and navigate the relevant regulations and policies. We also provide policy recommendations to government departments and industry associations. Foreign and domestic clients have also benefited from our extensive advice on market decision-making.

Values: Integrity, Honesty and Fairness
- Driven and results-orientated
- Client service treated as paramount
- Sincere and personal assistance
- Innovative and cost-conscious
- Reliable and conscientious
- Continuously striving for better

Operation Philosophy: Energy, Efficiency, Environment, Economy, E-business
The high quality, comprehensive services offered through our advanced internet products and provided to a wide range of clients have made China Energy Net the energy sector's most reliable web platform.
We help our clients develop and succeed. We achieve this by listening carefully to their needs, wholeheartedly working alongside them and quickly yet thoughtfully coming up with solutions.
Part of our success is a result of having created positive, enriching relationships with our employees. We fully respect the worth of every individual and this reflected everywhere from our corporate culture, working environment, renumeration packages to even our career development opportunities. By combining our strengths in content accumulation, technology, marketing, sales and management, we are truly forging China's internet future.
Our business development model's high return rates are helping us realise attractive, sustainable growth.
We handle our business activities honestly, respecting the relevant national laws and regulations. We aim to contribute to the peaceful and sustainable development of China's economy, energy resources and environment.

Management concept: Integrity, Honest, Strong Ethics, Initiative, Dedication and the Pursuit of Excellence
We act with integrity in everything we do. We respect media, information and technology regulations.
We are people-orientated and strive to foster trusting relationships. Every company employee is trusted and treated with respect.
We care about our employees' personal growth and want to see them build on their strengths and find fulfilment.
We are constantly evolving our corporate and business practices and subsequently optimising our management. Thus we are able to create a positive, well-run working environment.

China Energy Net (www.China5e.com) is devoted to becoming the leading online platform in China's energy sector with valuable news, new media, database search and mobile services. We strive to become an indispensable part of our members' working lives.


China Energy Net (www.China5e.com) is developing into China's best online enterprise. We are achieving this through our long-term strategic foresight, our willingness to face any challenge as well as our close co-operation with various partners.

We are determined to become the most respected online brand in the Chinese speaking world!

China5e is already a well-known name in the Chinese business world. Set up twelve years ago, we are continuously learning from the values of our customers to create a guiding operating philosophy. As a result, from start to finish we are always able to deliver with both great speed and certainty.

As of 2012, China Energy Net already had 70,000 members based in over 40 different countries and regions. We have become the first port of call for people involved in the Chinese energy industry.

July 2014China Energy Net Research Centre hosted a seminar and discussion workshop on the launch of the "Research on China's Oil and Gas Industry Reform and Natural Gas Development Prospect"
June 2014China Energy Net hosted a preparatory discussion on the "Western China Uninhabited Region Nuclear Power Plant" feasibility report
May 2014China Energy Net's Chief Information Officer, Han Xiaoping's, latest book, "The Great Transformation of the Chinese Energy", reaches the best selling charts
May 2014China Energy Net hosts the 2014 10th plenary China Energy Strategic Investment forum
December 2013Successfully proposed and hosted the first Unconventional Oil and Gas Industry Alliance's council meeting in Beijing
September 2013China Energy Net translates "The Grand Energy Transition" and puts it on wider sale in China
August 2013China Energy hosted the 9th plenary International Symposium on Chinese Distributed Energy
December 2012Hosted a unconventional natural gas summit
September 2012Hosted a press conference at the European Union's China representative office on the "Natural Gas Pricing and Supervision: The Challenges that China Faces and Drawing on International Experiences" report
July 2012Presented research findings into the United States shale gas industry following on-site investigations
May 2012China Energy Net hosted the 8th plenary Investment Forum
January 2012Completed the National Energy Administration's commissioned research "Institutional Mechanism and Policy Research on Shale Gas Exploration and Development". This research was well-praised by experts and professionals in the oil and gas industry
February 2011China Energy Net's "5E Cellphone News" first published
December 2010China Energy Net's "Energy Industry Report Series" is formally published while the "5E Enterprise Business Platform" is launched online
July 2010Successfully hosted the 6th China Distributed Energy Conference & Exhibition with the United Nations Environment Programme at the World Expo site
April 2010The "5E Blog" is launched online
December 2009"For the Same Blue Sky- China in Action" is first broadcast on CCTV International as well at the Copenhagen Global Climate Summit
October 2009China Energy Net publishes a special "Gift for China's 60th Birthday on National Day"
September 2009The large-scale TV Series "Low Carbon Economy- China in Action" is officially launched in collaboration with the Central News and Movies Studios
June 2009The "Climate Dialogue" video series is launched online in collaboration with the WWF
November 2008Signed a contract with the National Development Bank to construct and operate the SCO Bank Association's website
July 2007The first hard copy of "Energy Review" is released
March 2007"Energy Daily" published
December 2006"Energy Weekly" (English version) is published
January 2006The first issue of "Energy Weekly" is published
February 2005The first issue of "Energy Monthly" is published
February 2005China Energy Net Research Center Expert Adbisory Committee is established
December 2004China Energy Net Research Center is established
May 2000China Energy Net web portal is launched
Ms. Feng, Liwen - CEO
Feng Liwen is CEO of China5e and is responsible for operations and daily management. She was previously the CEO of Beijing Falcon Investment Company and Vice President of Falcon Power. She studied mechanical engineering at Beijing Industrial University where she received her BS degree in 1980. She then worked as a researcher at the Dynamics Institute of China Science Academy. She then went to the USA where she studied at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and received her Masters in Physics in 1984 and in Industrial Engineering and Operational Research in 1988. During this time she also served as an assistant lecturer at Amherst.

Mr. Han, Xiaoping - CIO and chief speaker

Han Xiaoping frequently comments on energy issues on both CCTV and China National Radio, and is an oft-cited economic analyst for Xinhua News and a technology columnist for the People’s Daily Online.

He has worked in drafting groups for the National Development and Reform Commission on thermoelectricity policy, serves as an expert for several of the State Energy Leading Group’s policies and reports, and works as a consultant on strategic development and investment for several companies.

Mr. Qin, Jingwu - Chief Editor
A graduate of Nanjing Teacher's College (today known as Nanjing Normal University) and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Qin was a founding member of the People's Daily (Renmin Ribao) newspaper's overseas edition and worked for the organisation for nearly 30 years, reaching the position of Chief Editor. He joined China5e in 2011.

Mr. Chen, Mingzhuo - Head of Editing Department
Mr. Chen is a graduate of Peking University with a Master's Degree in Economics. He joined China5e in 2011.

Mr. Ran, Ze - Research Department Manager
Mr. Ran is a graduate of Peking University with a Master's Degree in Chinese Linguistics. He joined China5e in 2012.

Mr. Guo, Yiwei - Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Guo has worked for China5e since 2002 and is responsible for the company's technology needs and development.

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